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Kia ora
I provide both individual and couple therapy for those facing everyday challenges and long-standing difficulties. The focus of sessions is on the individual or the couple and what his/her/their needs are. My work looks particularly at the relationship with oneself and how this affects the relationship with others. How a person sees themselves or relates to 
themselves can determine all of their interactions in the world. Where this is complicated or less than positive, it can limit a person's ability to flourish and grow. 

Some of the challenges that I work with are everyday challenges such as:

  • relationship difficulties

  • self-esteem issues

  • impulsivity or feelings of being out of control or one's behaviour being out of control

  • body image difficulties 

  • depressive or anxious feelings

  • uncertainty and fears about the future 

  • somatic symptoms (physical illnesses that have no medical explanation)

  • adapting to life changes and/or changes within a relationship

  • menopause

  • affairs and other "betrayals" in relationships

  • general feelings of unhappiness or disappointment in life or in a relationship,

  • PTSD & trauma

  • ACC claims 

  • struggles with settling in NZ after immigrating

  • and other issues.....

I look forward to starting our work together and helping you with whatever brings you to therapy. 


Call: 027 255 4930


Each psychologist or therapist conducts therapy in their unique way. Most psychologists base the work that they do on various theories. My is strongly based in psychoanalytic therapy. This means that there is a strong focus on how each person's personal history informs the way that they are today. The focus of this kind of therapy is mainly on the client and the needs of the client. It is often focused on day-to-day interactions in the client's life, events in the past and what is happening between the client and myself in the present. As a result the work we do is deeply personal and the therapy that I offer is tailored to the specific needs of the individual or couple. This means we are able to go beyond the surface concerns and to look at what is happening at a deeper level.

Couple Therapy
Every relationship in your life starts with you. Relationships are complex, wonderful and very tough. A relationship is often expect to hold so many of the changes and challenges that occur in life. For example, children, moving home, infidelity, life changes, illnesses, financial difficulties, etc. etc. It is easy to take our relationships and partners for granted and forget that we all have personal needs that need attention and time. To make this all more difficult, our partners have their own personality, history, way of seeing the world and being in the world and are definitely have minds of their own. Our partners also are often reflect back to us things that are hard to face in ourselves. The many challenges of being in a relationship can cause conflict and obstacles in a relationship. Together we can find ways for you to create the relationships you want and most importantly improve the relationship with yourself or your partner.

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